Dear Kate Hoey,

I am writing in regard to the “Representation of the People (Proportional Representation and Reduction of Voting Age)” bill that is being presented by Caroline Lucas on Wednesday. I want to talk about the bill’s second provision: to introduce a proportional voting system.

A proportional voting system where everyone’s vote counts is a progressive reform to our democracy whose time has come.

I want the Labour party to be the party to best represent the people. On the occasion that it does not, I want to be able to vote for another party that does, WITHOUT letting the tories take advantage of a fractured Left. If I vote, say, Green, it is MUCH BETTER to get my second choice, Labour, than the Conservatives.

I want to vote for progressive, modern, socialist policymakers without throwing my vote away and letting in an unpopular conservative government, as has happened TWICE now. (You will recall last time this happened, they privatised our railways. This time they’re doing their best to do the same with our NHS. Give them three terms, they might succeed.)

The tories are letting our country decay before our eyes - something must be done. You and Labour are trying, I know, and I’m grateful.

Statistics and polls show that Brits still believe in the liberal post-war principles laid down in the Beveridge Report. On Wednesday, please fight for voting reform so people can speak their mind without fear on polling day.

Give the people the tools to vote for the policies you, Kate Hoey, believe in, even when your party does not.

Yours sincerely,



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